[Samba] Do I have to create user accounts twice??

Raymond Holguin raymond.holguin at ucr.edu
Wed Feb 27 16:32:23 GMT 2008

Thanks for your input John.  I ended up just creating a script that 
creates both accounts for me at the same time so that solved the issue.

John Drescher wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 5:50 PM, Raymond Holguin
> <raymond.holguin at ucr.edu> wrote:
>> Im going to be migrating a windows file server of about 200+ users to
>>  this samba server.  Now I have been searching for a while and can't seem
>>  to find an answer.  My question is do I really have to create a unix
>>  account for each user and THEN create the user account again on the
>>  samba server??  I can't find a way to create a unix account and have
>>  that account be also automatically created on the samba server.  is
>>  there a solution for this or do I need to create some kind of custom
>>  script to do this for me??
> With ldap the answer is no (both unix and samba account get created in
> the same place).
> With other security mechanisms you need samba and unix accounts for each user.
> John

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