[SAMBA] how to make smbpasswd use or import system passwords?

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Wed Feb 27 13:02:23 GMT 2008

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 09:52:32AM -0300, Maginot Junior wrote:
> Well .... this isnt possible, because all my share are sector specific
> with group restriction ... So ... what I came across is to use mysql
> (ldap is to big to my network with less them 100 users) to sync all
> passwords, Im going to make a db with mysql and inside create a simple
> "login, passwd, full name, homedir" table and populate it with the
> same postfix password that users uses to access email and make through
> pam it work with my ltsp server, email and hopefully with samba too,
> and so make all password be sync... unfortunately I will have to make
> this new implementation, I think this is a samba fault, I really don't
> matter about windows passwords, because all my network isnt going to
> have windows boxes, so why samba one of the most complete projects
> I've ever seen for linux does not have a work through for this
> situation? Like mentioned here, is an ever week question, so Its being
> a big need for everyone ... I'm self come to this list in a extreme
> try to find an ultimate solution, because after googling around I was
> getting convinced that wasn't a possible thing to do.. now after your
> directly answers I'm sure of that.
> I know smb is a protocol that are already in the go for a long time...
> but maybe some linux new things to smb protocol could really help.
> Well, this is more an idea then a complain, maybe Im being to
> promiscuous and not looking to a different view with some other good
> (god) solution ;) ... of course if anyone have any idea that could
> slap my face and give me a new horizon I would be pleased to see.
> Well ... thanks anyway for the good advices and fast answer.

You can always use Kerberos. Doing a ssh public key SPNEGO
authentication mechanism might be a nice google SoC project
tough :-)

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