[Samba] krb5.conf file in /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5; Samba 3.0.27a

Alex de Vaal samba.alex at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 12:27:40 GMT 2008

Hello list,

I've upgraded from Samba 3.0.14a to 3.0.27a (Samba is a domain member of a
W2k3 native AD) and I see that in the /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5 directory a
krb5.conf file is created.
Is this krb5.conf file extracted from my original /etc/krb5.conf? Or is this
file created from the "password server =" entry in my smb.conf file?
My original /etc/krb5.conf contains the DC's in DNS name and the
krb5.conffile in /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5 contains DC's on IP address.

I noticed also that the krb5.conf file in /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5 is only
renewed if /var/lib/samba/gencache.tdb is deleted before winbind is
restarted and it also uses the DC that is configured as primary DC in Sites
and Services in the Active Directory.

Can anyone shed a light how this work?


Some info:


password server = adm02.test.com, adm03.test.com


 default_realm = TEST.COM

  kdc = adm02.test.com:88
  kdc = adm03.test.com:88
  kdc = adm01.test.com:88

========    adm01.test.com    adm02.test.com nhadm03.test.com


    default_realm = TEST.COM

    TEST.COM = {
        kdc =
    kdc =

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