[Samba] Running 2 network cards with samba

Robert K. Vanderhoek rob727 at nhdeeds.com
Thu Feb 21 14:10:01 GMT 2008


    I am having some problems getting samba to work with 2 network cards 
on the same workgroup.  I am using Samba version 3.0.10 the version that 
comes with RHEL4.  eth0 is set to and is hooked into a 
switch on the network and will be used to communicate with other pcs on 
the network.  eth1 is set to and is hooked directly with a 
crossover cable to another pc not on the network just nic to nic.  The 
other pc isn't on the network because i only want it to communicate 
directly to the server off of the second nic eth1.  I set the pc running 
off eth1 to the workgroup TAC.  The server is also setup to run in the 
TAC workgroup.  The pcs on the network that will be seeing the server 
from eth0 are also set to the TAC workgroup.  I can map 
drives with both but it seems to want to default to eth0 connections 
only, and my connection through eth1 gets dropped after the pc is 
shutdown and turned back on.  I guess my question is how do i setup 
samba to run and broadcast continually to both network cards eth0 and 
eth1.  Thank you, Robert

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