[Samba] Transparent migration Samba 2.2 to Samba 3.0 (diferent servers)

Radosław Bożek radoslaw.bozek at op.mofnet.gov.pl
Mon Feb 4 07:11:37 GMT 2008



I wan't to migrate accounts, roaming profiles and other shares from Samba
2.2 (Slackware) to Samba 3.0.23 (Debian).

It should be transparent for clients. I migrated linux user accounts,
smbpasswd file, smb.conf and domain SID. I can join new client to the new
domain and it works, but when I'm trying to substitute old server with new
one (only for test clients of course, without making any changes in WinXP
configuration), I can connect only once, Windows XP client says after login
that he can't find domain controler, and after logout I can't login anymore.
Names of domain, controlers and SIDs are the same, but some how Windows
after first login knows that this is not the domain it should be.


How to cheat Windows XP?


What I forgot to do?


There is one more issue which (I thing) come out of the same problem:

Windows Theme, Last programs (in start menu) not working in the new domain
(I have copied profiles to new domain and add computer).


Does anyone know how to do it?



Many Thanks,


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