[Samba] samba pdc and xp

Brad Mitchell brad at famb.org
Wed Feb 6 21:25:14 GMT 2008

So I'm running Ubuntu Server with Samba setup as a PDC. Right now I'm 
just testing this out before actually moving all our users to the 
domain. I setup an account on my machine to test everything. The account 
logs into the domain just fine. But I start in windows classic mode and 
there's no desktop image. I have copied all my user settings to this 
domain member account but the desktop settings don't take. And when I'm 
logged into this domain account I can go to the desktop settings and 
select a background but when I click apply nothing happens, just stays 
black.  Anyone have any clue as to why?  I'm guessing it has to be some 
sort of user settings or group policy. I've used usrmgr.exe to specify 
the domain account as a power user thinking this would give me the 
ability to change the settings but still nothing.

Brad Mitchell

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