[Samba] pam_mkhomedir.so not working.

Bj ø rn Tore Sund bjorn.sund at it.uib.no
Tue Feb 26 17:52:46 GMT 2008

On 26/2/08 18:20, "Linux Addict" <linuxaddict7 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  On Fedora Core 5, Fedora Core 6 and RHEL4 I saw the same because
>>  pam_mkhomedir didn't do 'mkdir -p' only 'mkdir' - it assumed the
>>  existence of the entire tree and wanted to only create the user's
>>  personal directory.
>>  This problem was gone in later versions of these distributions.  Exactly
>>  which versions of pam and pam_mkhomedir these distributions map to I
>>  don't know, but you may want to check whether this is what you're seeing.
> This happening on only few of RHEL4 x86_64 bit hosts. Yes the parent
> indeed exists..

Hmmm.  What does 'ls -ld /home/DOM' report, then?

> On, mkdir("/home/DOM/user1", 0700) does 0700 the permission? If yes
> why should it use it when the umask is 0022

As long as you're giving it a skeleton to copy it'll use the permissions
there, not your umask.

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