[Samba] getent on Solaris 10

Adamiec, Larry Ladamiec at kentlaw.edu
Tue Feb 26 17:20:31 GMT 2008

How do I get getent to work?  Do I need getent working to allow my
Windows users to connect to the UNIX machine without re-entering a

I am running Samba 3.0.28 on a Solaris 10 SPARC machine.  Samba is
configured with security = DOMAIN.

I compiled the Samba binaries from source and used the following options
for configure:

./configure --prefix=/MyRootDir --with-ldap --with-acl-support
--with-winbind --with-pam

The make install command placed the pam_winbind.so file in the
/MyRootDir/lib/security directory.
I manually copied the libnss_winbind.so files to the /lib directory.

I can run wbinfo -p, wbinfo -t, and wbinfo -a
"MyDomain\SomeUser%UserPasword" successfully.  I can also connect using
the smbclient //Server/Share -U UserName command successfully.  If I am
running nscd, I can run wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g successfully.  If I stop
nscd, then wbinfo -u returns "Error looking up domain users" and wbinfo
-g returns only BUILTIN\administrators and BUILTIN\users.

Using the getent passwd "MyDomain\UserName" or the getent group commands
returns a blank line regardless if nscd is running or not.

Any help is appreciated.


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