[SAMBA] how to make smbpasswd use or import system passwords?

Maginot Junior maginot.junior at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:19:32 GMT 2008


Im almost loosing my hairs here...

I have already had troubles configuring samba to work just like I
wanted but in the end everything was fine. Now I have searched a lot
and many different views for this problems, so I think its better come
here trying to find the entire solution...

I have about 30 users on my box, all have passwords already set.
So I come to the idea of making a share for each sector, like sales,
financial, ti, and so on.
So far no problem, the shares are created, owned by root and with the
group respectively with the share name (group sales, share sales).
Have already added in /etc/group the users for each group and gone
configuring smb.conf.

I start using security = user and setting inside the shares "valid users = @ti"

Now comes the problem... when I try to access this share, I can only
access with the user added to smbpasswd, for what I saw until now I
must have the user in smbpasswd, this is a must to rule... I dont have
any user passwd in my hand, so I cant just do a smbpasswd -a user and
set what password whatever I want, so I tried "cat /etc/passwd |
/usr/sbin/mksmbpasswd > /etc/samba/smbpasswd" and I got a lot of
XXXX-XXX on the password fields of smbpasswd file...

So Im lost on this, I must add all user to smbpasswd using the same
password from the system... to make all to stay sync, but this is
being a pain so any help will be very apreciated.


Maginot Júnior
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