[Samba] REF: Samba PDC with Romote LDAP Server Problem

Teddy teddy at parliament.gov.zm
Sun Feb 24 12:01:02 GMT 2008

Good day,

Iam very new to LDAP + SAMBA and I have a problem.

I have installed LDAP server and its working fine because i can log in using
OpenXchange. Now i have setup another machine to be a PDC, i tried to join
the domain but it failed saying authentication problem. Find attached
configuration files i have edited in trying to have this setup work.

slapd.conf - The LDAP conf file on the LDAP+Openxchange Server
smb.conf - the SAMBA conf file on the SAMBA server
ldap.conf - the LDAP client conf file on the SAMBa server.

These are the only files i have edited when i followed a How-to online, did
i miss out any.

My question are:

1. In samba server conf the way i have specified authentication to the LDAP
server what am i missing out for it not to work?

2. Should i add users on the samba server again as on the LDAP server.
Especially the administrator account used to join machines on the domain how
can i confirm that i can loggon from the Samba machine, what command line
command can i use to test connection to the LDAP server

3. Now in an event that users are authenticated by the LDAP how can i create
shares on the SAMBA server if all the LDAP accounts are on another machine,
OpenxChange server. I want all the shares to be on the SAMBA server using
LDAP accounts.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Teddy L.

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