[Samba] Re: Windows 2000 pro doesn't join a domain withSamba+Ldap(linux)

Jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 14:53:40 GMT 2008

"Jamrock" <news_jamrock at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> >Hector Blanco" <white.lists at gmail.com> wrote in message
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> > Hello people...
> >
> > I had to sign up in the list because I don't know what else I could
> > do... I can't find my error anywhere!! :(
> >
> Hi Hector,
> Can you post your /etc/ldap.conf file and your /etc/nsswitch.conf file?
> Are there any other ldap.conf files in the /etc directory?
> Are you able to add users to the the domain?
> Please post the output from getent passwd group.

Sorry...  That should have read

Please post the output from getent group

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