[Samba] adding unix groups to local groups

John Yamokoski yamokosk at ufl.edu
Fri Feb 22 16:30:35 GMT 2008

I am about 95% done setting up our new lab samba server (man does it
feel great to be free of Windows Server!). But I have hit a bit of a
snag when it comes to adding domain/unix groups to the local XP groups
(e.g. Power Users and Debugger Users). I have done some searching on
Google - there are lots of howtos but they all seem to involve LDAP. I
also fiddled with the net groupmap command in Linux and Windows but
that didn't seem to accomplish anything. I tried to keep our setup as
simple as possible therefore our server is not running LDAP. Is it
still possible to map the unix groups to the local XP groups?

I have no problems adding unix users to the local XP groups but the
upkeep on that will get out of hand. The problem I am running into is
that when I try and add the unix group "oblusers" to a machine's Power
Users group I get that the group can not be found. So as I mentioned
above I tried the net groupmap command in Linux:

net groupmap add unixgroup=oblusers ntgroup=OBLUsers

Then OBLUsers shows up and I can add it to the local Power Users...
but it didn't seem like the users then recieved the correct
permissions for a Power User. If this is the correct way to do this,
is there any way I can check the user's permission levels to see if
this is working?

Here is some more information about my setup as well as what is
currently working:

* Samba installed on Debian 4.0 as a PDC.
* Domain policy created and seems to be working properly.
* All shares functioning properly.
* Domain logons and logon.bat working properly.


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