[Samba] Integrating Misys into existing Samba network

Frank Gruman fgatwork at verizon.net
Fri Feb 22 05:41:49 GMT 2008

I am making an assumption that by Active Domain, you mean Active
Directory?  Does the MISYS server only have to act as a domain member
server, and authenticates users based on their existence / password in
what ever back end authentication system provided?  If you are running
centralized authentication through Samba as a NT-style domain
controller, you should still be able to get user authentication to work
with a Win2K3 server.  I have 5 Win2K3 boxes that act as member servers
in my Samba lab right now.  Two of them actually use my Samba backend
for user authentication in the apps they run.

You need to find out specifically what functionality MISYS requires of
your authentication system.


On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 20:13 -0700, Jeff Ross wrote:
> Hi,
> I do the networking for a smallish medical clinic here.  They have 
> decided to go with the Misys MyWay Electronic Medical Records system.  
> The engineers from Mysis about freaked out when the found out that I'm 
> running Samba on OpenBSD, and had all kinds of issues they were worried 
> about--whether their Windows Server 2003 system with Active Domain would 
> integrate with Samba was the biggest, how SQL Serve would integrate was 
> next and so on.
> I'm not using Active Domain for the samba server, and never have, so I 
> couldn't really address their concerns.
> My question, then, is two fold:  has anyone out there integrated Misys 
> into a Samba network, and if not, can anyone see a reason why I can't 
> just drop their server into the network?  As I understand it, and 
> believe me, I know not much about Misys at all yet, each client has to 
> authenticate against the Misys server.  I fail to see why this is a 
> problem but if you've ever had a bad experience integrating some sort of 
> middleware like this into an existing network I'd sure like to hear 
> about it.
> The sooner the better--their Misys server is scheduled to be installed 
> on Wednesday, 2/27/2008.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Ross

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