[Samba] Testing winbind

Mike Cauble mcauble at lufkin.com
Thu Feb 21 22:44:59 GMT 2008

I have a test environment running Fedora 8 and Samba 3.0.28 on two PDC's 
and one Domain Member. I am testing file-sharing across domains. I have 
a DOM-A PDC with a ldap backend. I have a DOM-B PDC with a ldap backend. 
The two domains have trusts both ways. I also have a domain member 
called TESTSERVER joined to the DOM-B domain running winbind.

 My DOM-B localsid is S-1-5-21-4183003764-1519580533-2309214288, and I 
set TESTSERVER to the same localsid and start winbind. When I do wbinfo 
-u, winbind core dumps.

 So I tried setting TESTSERVER to a different localsid and starting 
winbind and Samba, when I try connect to a share on TESTSERVER I see
 "tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED".

 I checked the the smbd log and I see the message
"User test with invalid SID 
S-1-5-21-4183003764-1519580533-2309214288-1010 in passdb".

 So my question is what should the localsid be on TESTSERVER. Any help 
would be appreciated.

Mike Cauble

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