[Samba] Re: sambaPwdMustChange attribute didn't get updated (3.0.27a)

Markus Kahle markus.kahle at brueckmann-gmbh.de
Thu Feb 21 08:18:20 GMT 2008

Hi Fabiano,

> As long as pwdmustchange implementation has been changed you should use 
> an earlier version of smbldap-tools.

What do you mean ? Which pwdmustchange implementation ?
I quite sure, that this password stuff was working in earlier versions 
of samba (e.g. 3.0.23c). I used this samba version together with the 
same mentioned openldap-version and smbldap-tools version and the 
windows password dialog "you have to change your password" blahblah 
appears after 90days.
Now it doesn't work, so there must be some internal changes in the newer 
samba versions (3.0.27a)



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