[Samba] Groupmapping Samba<->AD

Bernd Bednarz bbednarz at badeio.de
Wed Feb 20 08:26:20 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

I tried to map a group from my AD to my local unixgroup.
To get groups in samba I create one groupmap like this:

$ net groupmap add ntgroup="H+BEDV" unixgroup=hbedv

Now I want to map my H+BEDV group from AD to the same unixgroup.

$ net groupmap add sid=S-1-5-21-1024011789-1237596223-2747892489-1534
unixgroup=hbedv type=domain

But it don't works 'cause there is already an entry for the unixgroup.
What should I do to map my samba H+BEDV group to my AD H+BEDV group?

The background is we want to migrate and we want to do it step by step.
So we have some clients in the samba domain an some in the ad domain.
I hope you understand what I want to do.

Best regards,
Bernd Bednarz

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