[Samba] change in AD authentication behaviour since 3.0.24

John Hodrien johnh at comp.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Feb 20 08:15:32 GMT 2008

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Robert Cohen wrote:

> Ok, I thought winbind was only relevant if you were using AD as a NSS (name
> service source). We have all the users in the name service from LDAP or
> NIS+. We're only getting the passwords from AD.
> I guess this could be an unusual combination and could be whats causing our
> problems...

Probably unusual.  I do that too, running ldap/krb5 for NSS and samba server.
Setting ACLs from the client doesn't work unless winbind is running, as the
server needs to map SIDs to UIDs.


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