[Samba] Problem with SMBFS vs CIFS

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Tue Feb 19 18:23:02 GMT 2008

On 2008/02/19 12:54 (GMT-0500) Chris Smith apparently typed:

> On Friday 01 February 2008, Felix Miata wrote:

>> If you have Win9x and/or OS/2 shares on your network, you'll need to
>> recompile your SUSE kernel to include SMBFS support to provide
>> acceptable access to those shares.

> I think cifs should be able to work in those cases...

Someday that may be true, but today it can't. There is at least one open time
stamping bug that makes the connections worthless. Getting such bugs fixed is
easier said than done, because virtually none, or possibly 100%, of the
people who might fix them, keep OS/2 or WinDOS systems available for the
purpose of testing.
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