R: [Samba] Joining a Windows XP pc to Samba / LDAP domain

Paul Furness paul.furness at vil.ite.mee.com
Tue Feb 19 15:41:43 GMT 2008

Hi, Andrea,

When I first tried it, I didn't start winbind nor create any groups on
linux, but that did not work - when I tried to do "smbldap-populate" it
gave some errors and didn't complete. I deleted all the config files,
all the samba database and ldap database files, and started again, this
time I ran winbind and created the linux groups, and that time
everything seemed to work correctly right up to trying to join any
machine to the domain, at which point it failed in the ways I described.

I tried to join the domain (which I called "LDAPTEST") with the linux
server which is called "pdc" because the guide I was following said I
should do this. It seemed pretty odd to me as well that I would need to
join the domain controller to the domain it is controlling, but I
followed the instructions anyhow. It failed in the same way when I tried
to join a windows XP workstation, though, so I think there is still a
problem with the config. 

Thanks for your help - I'll try the Suse guide and see if that solves my


On Sat, 2008-02-16 at 11:25 +0100, Andrea Lanza wrote:

> I tried exactly what you tried last week, and I was happy because everything
> worked.
> I folloed a tutorial on suse, also if I am using 10.3 version.
> What I did differently was NOT to start winbind, NOT to create any groups in
> linux. What I did wrong first time and gave me problems I posted was that I
> did't issue the
> net getlocalsid   command and used the tutorial's one...(no
> comment,please..)
> When I realize the error I had to go inside ldap, using phpldapadmin, and
> manually modify the value .
> I didn't need to create the windows xp account. When I had to join it, I
> just gave the 
> root/administrator password and everything was fine.: the computer account
> was
> created on the ldap, and I can log on to the domain whith an account I
> created with smbldap-adduser 
> another thing : I created a new domain with a new ldap backend.
> I thought you where doing the same.
> But what do you mean when you tried to join the domain from pdc (point 12) ?
> PDC is the PDC of that domain....You don't have to join it.
> when creating account with smbldap-adduser , I specify -a and -m (and not
> only -m as was suggested in the tutorial I followed.)
> HTH,
> Andrea
> p.s. the tutorial(s) I follwed are:
> Riferimenti
> http://en.opensuse.org/Howto_setup_SUSE_10.1_as_Samba_PDC 
> http://www.howtoforge.com/openldap-samba-domain-controller-ubuntu7.10 
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> > Hi, guys,
> > 
> > I'm trying to create a PDC using Samba with an LDAP backend. 
> > According to all the guides I read, this should be fairly 
> > easy really, but I've done nothing else for the last week and 
> > it still doesn't work the way the manual says it should! As 
> > far as I can see, everything is set up and working correctly 
> > right up to the point when I try and join a machine to the domain.
> > 


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