[Samba] Moving / Copying files inside server across different shares

Juan Ignacio Garzón juanignaciogarzon+samba at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 13:37:43 GMT 2008

Hi guys!

when I move a file inside a share (for example, from
\\server\myshare\dir1 to \\server\myshare\dir2), Samba manages it in
order to make the move inside the server. That is, its very fast
because the file never gets downloaded to the client.

My problem is that when moving a file across different shares, it gets
first downloaded to the client and then copied back to the new
location. For example, if I move a file from \\server\myshare1 to
\\server\myshare2, it takes 30 minutes, but if it's moved inside the
share it takes seconds. This happened me using Nautilus as client,
maybe its a client issue?

Is there something I can do in order to override this in the server?

Thanks in advance!

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