[Samba] Problem with samba+openldap with regard changing passwords from windows

Alan Goodman lists at goodmanemail.com
Tue Feb 19 09:30:03 GMT 2008

Edmundo Valle Neto wrote:
> Alan Goodman escreveu:
>> I have implemented samba with LDAP backend, domain logins and roaming 
>> profiles and everything is great - except for one thing.
>> Noone can change their passwords from windows - trying to change your 
>> password results in windows telling you your not allowed to do that!
>> I did smbldap-show alan and among other information the line: 
>> sambaPwdCanChange: 0 appeared.
>> From my understanding if I do smbldap-usermod -A0 -B0 alan that line 
>> should then be changed to have a value of 1 allowing users to change 
>> passwords from their windows logins, however running the above 
>> command does not appear to be changing these values at all and thus 
>> im left with manually smbldap-passwd user to change each persons 
>> passwords (which does work)
>> If someone could let me know which logs you require and how to obtain 
>> them I would be happy to post them up here.
>> OS = CentOS 5.1
>> Alan
> Post your smb.conf.
> Edmundo Valle Neto


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