[Samba] cifs verses smbfs for Linux clients

Douglas VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Tue Feb 19 00:15:36 GMT 2008

Michael Lueck wrote:
> I am somewhat confused...
> I understand that the preferred method to mount a Samba share with a
> Linux client is to use "mount -t cifs" rather than "mount -t smbfs".
> I get the impression that smbfs is samba.org developed code where as
> cifs is from elsewhere. Thus the point of confusion. Why is samba.org
> not developing the preferred code in this case?
> A sub question to that main one is a nagging thought of needing to add
> the Debian / Ubuntu smbfs package to Linux client systems issuing "mount
> -t cifs". If cifs really is from elsewhere, and smbfs is "bad evil", why
> the interdependency?
> Thanks!

As I know it, cifs-mount (/sbin/mount.cifs) is maintained by the samba
team as the replacement for the older smbfs.  I can't even find smbmnt
in opensuse 10.3.

I wish I could point you to a release notes for this.

Regards, Doug

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