[Samba] cifs verses smbfs for Linux clients

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Mon Feb 18 23:10:47 GMT 2008

I am somewhat confused...

I understand that the preferred method to mount a Samba share with a Linux client is to use "mount -t cifs" rather than "mount -t smbfs".

I get the impression that smbfs is samba.org developed code where as cifs is from elsewhere. Thus the point of confusion. Why is samba.org not developing the preferred code in this case?

A sub question to that main one is a nagging thought of needing to add the Debian / Ubuntu smbfs package to Linux client systems issuing "mount -t cifs". If cifs really is from elsewhere, and smbfs is 
"bad evil", why the interdependency?

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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