[Samba] "|dirname| in dfs path \boxname\dirname is not a dfs root" ?

Whit Blauvelt whit+samba at transpect.com
Sun Feb 17 00:38:21 GMT 2008


It's looking to me like the error in the title is the main thing preventing
logging into a share via ADS/winbind &c. I see an old note here for someone
seeing the same in his error logs:


  Ah - this explains a lot. The default for the "msdfs root"
  parameter changed between 3.0.24 from True to False.

  Has this client been restarted since the new Samba
  load was added and restarted ?

  If not - try rebooting the client. The clients remember
  if a server was a dfs root and act accordingly until a

  The decision was made to change "msdfs root = no"
  due to problems detecting that the initial name given in
  a dfs root path belonged to this server (as I recall).

The client for my testing purposes is smbclient on another Linux box. So I'm
doubting that the "reboot Windows" advice is what I'm looking for. So, how
the heck do I get around this error? And wtf does the error even mean?


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