[Samba] Charset problem only on redirected folder Desktop.

Jean-Christophe Delaye Jean-Christophe.Delaye at eurecom.fr
Thu Feb 14 17:47:25 GMT 2008


We're currently using Samba server version 3.0.28 running on a Solaris 
10u4 box.
We share users's home directories between Unix and Windows clients and 
have to specify the smb.conf parameter unix charset to iso-8859-15 (or 
so-8859-1) to ensure correct names for files and folders (containing 
accents) from Windows and Unix.... everything is ok :
Windows Explorer looks ok, and "ls" in Solaris also.

We configured GPO in AD server (a windows machine) to redirect special 
folders (including Desktop) for user to subdirectories in their home 
directory, which is their samba share, and it works fine.
But, whe have problems with files names when creating files directly 
from the WinXP Desktop. It seems that the unix charset does not apply on 
this desktop redirect folder. Of course, it works if I browse the 
desktop folder with Windows Explorer and create files here....

Windows Desktop show Testé.txt
ls /homes/user/Windesktop
-rwxr--r--   1 user          0 Feb 14 18:41 Testé.txt

Any ideas ?


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