[Samba] ldap passwd sync not working

Reinhard Sojka reinhard.sojka at parlament.gv.at
Thu Feb 14 09:23:36 GMT 2008

hi Fabiano,
hi Edmundo,

the second problem here ("user has no permission") when using an
external passwd program sounds familiar to me:

> Sure enough smbldap-passwd works. I have tried this once ldap passwd 
> sync was not working. Though, there are two problems: 1) it's too slow 
> and 2) it shows a message to the user telling he has no permissions to 
> change password. So it's confusing. I don't feel comfortable using such

At least on Solaris this "You do not have permissions to change your
password"-behaviour is a known problem. See Bug-ID 5121 for details and
a patch for Samba 3.0.28.
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