Fwd: [Samba] Issue with version 3.0.28 on FC8

Walter Mahla wmahla at mac.com
Wed Feb 13 22:39:15 GMT 2008

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not sure it applies.  This HP  
L7680 is simply doing a file copy to the server and it is not able to  
reconnect to the server immediately after it transfers the first  
file.  I am not trying to use it from within Linux.


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I would check that the HPLIP stuff is installed and running.
Check that web page out.  I really do not know anything about setting  
up a network attached scanner.  hope that points you in the right  

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Subject: [Samba] Issue with version 3.0.28 on FC8

I am a newbie, so any help would be most appreciated.

I am in the process of building a new Linux box (Fedora Core 8) to
replace a fairly ancient FC4 box.  I am have an issue on the FC8 box
with samba that I did not have on the FC4 box.  (The FC8 box is
running samba version 3.0.28, the FC4 box is running 3.0.23.)

I have a network attached scanner (HP Officejet L7680) which has
worked flawlessly with my FC4 box.  On my FC8 box, it will connect and
transfer a file after sitting idle for a while.  If I try to do a
second scan after the first one completes, the scanner can not connect
to the server.  If I wait some time before trying again, it works.

I see no errors in logs at all.  Not sure if the problem is samba or
the scanner.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Your help would be most appreciated.



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