[Samba] samba with quotas

Patrick G. Victoriano pgvictoriano at ftcp.ten.fujitsu.com
Wed Feb 13 22:33:33 GMT 2008

Well Mario, thanks for the reply. I already checked what you've said and I
arrived using quotas in the partition. 

Also, I use this tutorial to setup samba that authenticate to active
directory through Kerberos. The problem is when I ask ticket to the active
directory, it seems it expires. 


Please help.



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Well Patrick, I don't know yet if we can do that with samba. But for what
I've already done here, I set user quota to the partition that has the
directory of the samba share via /etc/fstab (so it can be mounted
automatically). There're plenty of source in the web that can show you just
how to do that. Hope it can help.


On Feb 12, 2008 6:26 AM, Patrick G. Victoriano <
pgvictoriano at ftcp.ten.fujitsu.com> wrote:

> Good day,
> I just want to ask how to setup quotas on a samba server.
> I have linux centOS 4 installed and samba 3.0.25b.
> Thank you
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