[Samba] Samba share over a NFS mount (tuning)

Mathieu Beaudoin mbeaudoin at cvtcorp.com
Wed Feb 13 18:50:47 GMT 2008


I have a server that run OpenSuse 10.3, this server run VMware Server and
host an OpenSuse 10.3 virtual machine witch is a Samba file server for my
windows clients. The goal behind having a OpenSuse hosting an OpenSuse
virtual machine is to separate the configurations from the data so I can
easily change the configurations without affecting the data. The host keep
all the data and share it with the virtual machine with NFS v3, so the
virtual machine mount the NFS share and then a use Samba 3.0.26a to share
the NFS mounted folder for my windows clients. The network I use between my
host and my virtual machine is an Host-only virtual network. My virtual
machine use a bridged network over a dedicated 1Gb Ethernet card to
communicate with the windows clients.


I reuse a smb.conf from the previous Samba (3.0.25b) file server witch was
functioning with absolutely no problems.


The problem I have with my new Samba file server is that my Vista client
have a 20 to 60 second delay when they open a MS Office 2007 file. They have
the same delay with MS Office 2003 and all the Office's file the Vista
clients open with MS Office 2003 are read only. I think it is a file lock
issue because went I disable the file lock at the NFS mount or in Samba
smb.conf file. In my case, I just cannot disable file lock in my production


Thanks for your help,


Mathieu Beaudoin

Responsable des T.I.

CVT Corp

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