[Samba] Samba name resolution (?) over VPN

Joe Demeny jd1987 at borozo.com
Sat Feb 9 19:31:12 GMT 2008

I have a Win2K Small Business Server which is also a PDC (sbsserver).

I have added a FreeBSD box running Samba 3.0.28 as a member server 

I can mount shares offered by both the sbsserver and samba_server fine when I 
do it on the local network.

However, when I connect through a VPN, I can only mount \\sbsserver\share. I 
cannot mount \\samba_server\share, but I can mount \\\share - is the IP address of samba_server.

I can ping both sbsserver and samba_server fine over the VPN.

The VPN connection is set to use sbsserver for DNS lookup.

The VPN is PPTP running on m0n0wall.

I have checked and checked again my configuration, and I can't find anything 
obviously wrong - would you please help?

Joe Demeny

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