[Samba] How to have a Default Profile per group ?

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Fri Feb 8 03:17:59 GMT 2008

Tom wrote:
> Hi,
>> ...
> Ok. _But_ with this solution we have to create a profile for each user 
> before they loggued in ; even if the user will never use his account. 
> So we have unuseful profiles and "Default User/" in the netlogon/ 
> directory  become unuseful too.
>> ...
> Your trick could be a solution but as you said I'm sure (hope?:) there 
> is a more cleaner way.
> Anybody for the ultimate solution ?
> Thanks
> Thomas
I don't use roaming profiles myself, but if you have a "Default User" 
directory somewhere that is used as a template when creating a users 
profile, couldn't you use standard substitutions?

path = /shared/%G/netlogon

then create

each directory can contain its own "Default User" directory. Anything 
that is common between groups could be a symlink back to 

There might be a still better way, but I think it will involve %G 
somewhere :)

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