[Samba] builtin groups in samba 3.0.28

toni tonign at xtec.net
Thu Feb 7 19:18:31 GMT 2008


i'm configuring a member server (samba 3.0.28) to add it to a domain
with one PDC and several BDC (all of them 3.0.20b).

This server is using NSS/LDAP as explained at:


i'm also using the idmap domains configuration options (which are newer
that the above example) to resolve the user id mapping, Samba seems
starts with no errors, but when i try to mount a share i can see the
following lines in the machine log file:

[2008/02/07 20:01:16, 0, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)] 
     create_builtin_administrators: Failed to create Administrators
[2008/02/07 20:01:16, 0, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)]
     create_builtin_users: Failed to create Users

i've seen that the 'net' command includes an option to create builtin
groups, but i don't understand if this command will override my already
existing ldap groups with builtin groups

someone can explain what means builtin groups and for what reason are
needed in a nss/ldap configuration.

thanks in advance!


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