[Samba] How to have a Default Profile per group ?

Tom thomas.guthmann at univ-avignon.fr
Thu Feb 7 14:33:50 GMT 2008


> I build three different profiles on an XP box (for teachers,
> students and administrators) and make then usable by
> everybody.
Ok 'til now.

> I copy each resulting NTUSER.DAT file to the root of
> the profiles share on my samba server /export/profiles
> naming them NTUSER1.MAN, NTUSER2.MAN and NTUSER3.MAN.
> When I add a user toto I create a symbolic link
> /export/profiles/toto/NTUSER.MAN pointing to the desired profile.
> If you do not want mandatory profiles just keep the .DAT
> extension and make a copy instead of a symlink and don't
> forget to "chown toto /export/profiles/toto/NTUSER.DAT"
Ok. _But_ with this solution we have to create a profile for each user 
before they loggued in ; even if the user will never use his account. So 
we have unuseful profiles and "Default User/" in the netlogon/ directory 
  become unuseful too.

> I guess there is a cleaner way to go but it works and
> it is quite simple.
Your trick could be a solution but as you said I'm sure (hope?:) there 
is a more cleaner way.
Anybody for the ultimate solution ?


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