[Samba] How to have a Default Profile per group ?

Thierry Lacoste lacoste at miage.univ-paris12.fr
Thu Feb 7 11:52:31 GMT 2008

FWIW here's the method I'm using here (I'm using mandatory
profiles but it will also work with normal profiles).
I build three different profiles on an XP box (for teachers,
students and administrators) and make then usable by
I copy each resulting NTUSER.DAT file to the root of
the profiles share on my samba server /export/profiles
When I add a user toto I create a symbolic link
/export/profiles/toto/NTUSER.MAN pointing to the desired profile.
If you do not want mandatory profiles just keep the .DAT
extension and make a copy instead of a symlink and don't
forget to "chown toto /export/profiles/toto/NTUSER.DAT"

I guess there is a cleaner way to go but it works and
it is quite simple.


On Wednesday 06 February 2008 18:51, Tom wrote:
> Hello,
> My main question is :
>    « Is it possible to have a dedicated Default Profile per group ? »
> The idea is to have a specified and prepared default profile for each
> groups we have. For the time being we've already had a "Default User/"
> directory in our netlogon directory which delivers a single and only
> fresh default profile. It's the same profile for everyone even if
> there're not in the same group.. Each new user will have this default
> profile only. It runs fine. But... we want more :)
> For instance, we'd like to have a define profile with differents
> policies, icons, links, etc for :
> - our employees
> - our teachers
> - and finally for our students
> At least we need 2 special crafted default profiles for the employees
> and for the teachers. We can assume that if you're not an employee nor a
> teacher you will have the Default User profile which is a student profile.
> I've red somewhere that it was possible to prepare more than one default
> profile with a default profile per group renamed with the name of the
> group. For example here is the directory tree :
> netlogon/
>       Default User/
>       teachers/
>       employees/
> with teachers and employees known as Samba groups. But it doesn't work
> for me.
> Does anybody have any hints, documentations and/or URLs to find a way to
> do this. I've tried google a lot but I'm not sure to use the good
> keyword since I'm searching because I have found nothing :(
> Some infos about our samba systems:
> - samba 3.0.26a (from the very good enterprisesamba.org) 1PDC + 1BDC
> - ldap backend
> - some parts of smb.conf
>       [..]
>       domain logons = yes
>       logon script = %U.bat
>       logon path = \\%h\profiles\%G\%U
>       logon drive = U:
>       logon home = \\%h\homes\%G\%U
>       [..]
> - /home/netlogon/Default User/
>                   toto.bat
>                   titi.bat
>                   [..]
> To finish my mail, I'd like to thank you all the samba team and sernet
> for theirs works and for the debian packaging of the last samba
> versions. Just one word for this big piece of software :
> « Thanks. »
> A+
> Thomas

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