[Samba] Making Samba change the Unix Password (/etc/shadow)

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Wed Feb 6 20:07:41 GMT 2008

security = user

add a samba machine account (smbpasswd -a -m machine), the account must 
first exist in /etc/passwd (or LDAP).  useradd -n -d /dev/null -s 
/dev/null machine\$ if /etc/passwd, if in LDAP use the smbldap-passwd tool.

then add the user to samba, smbpasswd -a user

then in windows xp look at the network properties (ipconfig /all), the 
WINS server should be the IP address of your samba server.  if so, then 
right click on my computer, properties, computer name, change, add it to 
the domain, it'll ask for the username and password of root.  put that 
in, if successful it will say Welcome to the DOMAIN.  root must exist in 
smbpasswd (smbpasswd -a root).


Parag Kalra wrote:
> Hello Adam,
> How can a samba user login into Windows Machine and be able to change 
> the password?
> Do we need to create the samba user locally on windows machine?
> Or do we need to specify "security=domain" or "security=ad" on the 
> Samba Server?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Parag Kalra

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