[Samba] How to have a Default Profile per group ?

Tom thomas.guthmann at univ-avignon.fr
Wed Feb 6 17:51:08 GMT 2008


My main question is :

   « Is it possible to have a dedicated Default Profile per group ? »

The idea is to have a specified and prepared default profile for each 
groups we have. For the time being we've already had a "Default User/" 
directory in our netlogon directory which delivers a single and only 
fresh default profile. It's the same profile for everyone even if 
there're not in the same group.. Each new user will have this default 
profile only. It runs fine. But... we want more :)

For instance, we'd like to have a define profile with differents 
policies, icons, links, etc for :
- our employees
- our teachers
- and finally for our students

At least we need 2 special crafted default profiles for the employees 
and for the teachers. We can assume that if you're not an employee nor a 
teacher you will have the Default User profile which is a student profile.

I've red somewhere that it was possible to prepare more than one default 
profile with a default profile per group renamed with the name of the 
group. For example here is the directory tree :
      Default User/

with teachers and employees known as Samba groups. But it doesn't work 
for me.

Does anybody have any hints, documentations and/or URLs to find a way to 
do this. I've tried google a lot but I'm not sure to use the good 
keyword since I'm searching because I have found nothing :(

Some infos about our samba systems:
- samba 3.0.26a (from the very good enterprisesamba.org) 1PDC + 1BDC
- ldap backend
- some parts of smb.conf
      domain logons = yes
      logon script = %U.bat
      logon path = \\%h\profiles\%G\%U
      logon drive = U:
      logon home = \\%h\homes\%G\%U
- /home/netlogon/Default User/

To finish my mail, I'd like to thank you all the samba team and sernet 
for theirs works and for the debian packaging of the last samba 
versions. Just one word for this big piece of software :
« Thanks. »


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