[Samba] roaming profiles

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Feb 5 21:01:12 GMT 2008

thats right, everything in c:\documents and settings\username will be 
put into \\server\profiles\username

but you can redirect various folders.  see section 5.7 of Samba 3 by 
Example for details

ml at bortal.de wrote:
> Hello Adam,
> thank you for your information. I got it working and it works like a 
> charm!
> Can i exclude or include some folders for the roaming syncronisation? 
> E.g. i do not want the "My Music" folder to be stored on the server.
> By Default EVERYTHING from "c:\documents and settings" directory will 
> be transfered from and to the server, right?
> Thanks, Mario
> Adam Williams schrieb:
>> windows xp/samba looks at the timestamp on NTUSER.DAT in your 
>> c:\documents and settings directory and the 
>> \\server\profiles\username share on the server, whichever is newer is 
>> what gets loaded.  XP caches log in credentials, so you are on the 
>> road using your notebook with your cached profile.  the timestamp on 
>> NTUSER.DAT is newer then when you are back on your local network, so 
>> your profile on your notebook is loaded, and when you log out, this 
>> newer profile is written to the file server.
>> its not that confusing, have your server domain logins = yes, os 
>> level = 33, and setup the logon path, logon drive, and logon home 
>> settings, and creat /var/lib/samba/profiles and 
>> /var/lib/samba/netlogon directories.  look at examples 2.3.7 and 
>> 2.3.8 in the official samba 3.2.x howto and reference guide pdf.
>> ml at bortal.de wrote:
>>> Hello List,
>>> i would like to use a Laptop in my Samba Network (PDC).
>>> Where can i read up on roaming profiles and how to get it working?
>>> My aim is that u can just unplug my laptop from my network, travel 
>>> around the world and plug it back in.
>>> It should then NOT load the saved profile from the server and 
>>> overwrite my changes i did offline.
>>> Can someone recommend a easy and good to read howto? The Samba 
>>> Manual was rather confising :)
>>> Thanks, Mario

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