[Samba] Aplication slow after migration

Sinisa Bandin sinisa at 4net.co.yu
Tue Feb 5 08:23:53 GMT 2008

Felipe Martinez Hermo wrote:
>>> OK, so we're apples to apples, so to speak; the servers are tuned 
>>> the same.  I'll assume your disks are tuned from hdparm and up to 
>>> snuff, otherwise you wouldn't be tuning sockets ;).  Did your old 
>>> server have samba settings for oplocks set?
>>> -- 
>>> Peace and Blessings,
>>> -Scott.
>>> "Of course, that's just my opinion; I could be wrong"
>>> -Dennis Miller 
>> Erm, sorry, I didn't catch that you had 2 .conf files there.  I'm 
>> back to the drawing board.  Sorry about that.  Anyone else have any 
>> ideas?
> Yes, that's whats shocking me. Apparently we're apples to apples. 
> Except for the kernel (new&slow 2.6.18-4-686 vs old&fast 2.6.8)
> I've sniffed both eth0 interfaces and I've got some more information. 
> When talking to the slow server, the client needs to send 76 "TCP 
> segment of a reassembled PDU" that are not sent when talking to the 
> old and fast server.
> How can I workaround this issue? Should I lower server's MTU? How much?
> Thank you
Do you happen to have a Realtek 8169 based gigabit ethernet in new server?

If you do, I had the same problem several times last year, and solved
all of them by changing motherboards (all were integrated, and I like
them to stay that way because I can achieve full gigabit speed with
several concurent clients)

Best regards,
Sinisa Bandin

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