[Samba] "passdb expand explicit" deprecated

Sadique Puthen sputhenp at redhat.com
Mon Feb 4 18:15:55 GMT 2008

Arnaud FLORENT wrote:
> Hello
> i use samba 3.025c
> testparm says that "passdb expand explicit" is deprecated
> but it seems to be working (i mean if i put %N in sambaProfilePath 
> with passdb expand explicit set to yes, it is expanded)

"Deprecated" does not mean that it shouldn't work. It just means we 
suggest you not to use this since we may remove this functionality in a 
future version of samba. Deprecation is a warning for the future removal.

> my question is : is this option deprecated?
> according to releases notes, only default value has changed to no....

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