[Samba] samba + ldap bind machine account with user account

Sadique Puthen sputhenp at redhat.com
Mon Feb 4 07:29:18 GMT 2008

satish patel wrote:
> Dear all
>            I have special requirement of samba domain security...i want to bind user with machine so that use only ...and only able to login with that same machine ...means user can not login in to any other PC or machine only access on own machine...is it possible with ldap attirbutes ..?

Check with 'userWorkstations' and 'sambaUserWorkstations'.  This is the 
other way where you define these attributes for users and restrict which 
workstations they can log in.

I am not yet 100% whether this feature has actually been implemented in 
the samba code or not. I have not yet tested this. If not, please raise 
a feature request upstream. BTW ldap supports these attributes for samba 

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