[Samba] Problem with file ownership/permissions on WinXP client

rb at panix.com rb at panix.com
Sun Feb 3 01:04:51 GMT 2008

Sorry if this is a faq, known issue, or otherwise easy to solve problem
- have searched lists, docs, web etc, and don't find answer.

I have a Samba server (3.0.14) running on a remote (Debian)
fileserver. Most workstations are OSX or Solaris and the shares on the
fileserver are NFS mounted on those machines. I now need to mount the
fileserver on a Windows XP laptop.

I can successfully "map network drive" and mount the filserver on the
Windows computer. The problem is that all files on the Windows machine
are listed as being owned by "my_windows_username" and group "root", and
I cannot write any files, (because those are not the correct ownerships
on the fileserver). I do not want to change the ownership of the files.

I believe the server must recognize my login correctly, otherwise I
shouldn't be able to "map the drive". I have tried various ways of
mapping "login as different user" creating a user account on the Windows
computer with identical login name, passwd info, etc, and all of these
ways "work".

I am an end user, and I can plod my way through Unix sys adm stuff, but
I don't have much experience with Windows. Any help will be apprecaited.

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