[Samba] Unix Users can't connect to Samba with AD / ADS configuration

lobo71 mestrej at free.fr
Sat Feb 2 12:58:47 GMT 2008


I'm newbie starting with Samba, so I can ask stupid questions :-)

I've a Samba Server (3.023c).
I have a Win2K Domain.

I need to put the Samba server on the WIN2K Domain, and give access to AD 
Bit I also need that my Unix users have access to the Samba server.
And I can't create AD accounts to Unix users.
I have shared directories like that :
- project (only for auth users AD and Unix read/write directory)
- public (for everybody read only directory anonymous is allowed)
- admin  (only for auth admins AD and admins Unix read/write directory)
- ...

I read lots of things and I tried 2 options:
- AD with NSS + WINDBIND (using net rpc join)
- ADS with Kerberos5 (net ads join)
I have the same problem :
After installation and configuration, my AD users can connect to Samba from 
Windows and Unix computers using their
AD login and password and they have access to the directories they have the 
rights to.
So it seems to be ok to Windows Users.

But my Unix Users (they don't have AD accounts) can't connect anymore to 
The authentication fails.
They just can go to public directory but they can't go to the others.

Is it normal or did I make something wrong ?

Thanks for help.


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