[Samba] PANIC on 6 of my client servers .Please Help

Brad Horrocks [Secure Office Services] bradhorrocks at secureoffice.com.au
Sat Feb 2 02:37:13 GMT 2008

I believe you are 100% correct. However purely from a business perspective you have to
resolve the EFFECTS of the problem from the client perspective as quickly as possible
to enable normal business to progress.

I have however pushed  the envelope with this and my clients. I did however, after 
Res's comments the other day, download and build a clean copy of samba straight from
samba.org.  The same problem persists.

I can't however believe that if this was a Fedora specific issue that nobody else seems
to be having the same problem. For me to have it on six systems makes me think
I have a configuration, installation issue that is specific to how they are set up.

I've downloaded a copy of slackware12 and will install it on test system. If I can't
replicate the problem, I'll approach one of my nicer customers and try to migrate
their environment to slackware.

If the problem is resolved (and I'll post it here) then hopefully somebody from Fedora
development might want to investigate further.. 

If the problem persists, then I'm really going to need somebody to examine my config
and install procedures to see where I'm going wrong..

Very valid comment though, (And any further comments on my logic would be appreciated)
ex wife thinks I'm crazy lol

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> Brad Horrocks [Secure Office Services] wrote:
> > Thanks guys,
> > You've pretty well confirmed I was beating a dead horse (so to speak).
> >
> > I've downloaded slackware12 and am about to install it into a development server.
> >
> > Again much appreciated
> >
> > Regards
> > Brad Horrocks
> >   
> I won't dispute that slackware is a great distro, or that it tends to 
> have less problems with customising software, but surely it should be 
> possible to fix one application without wiping the whole system.
> If samba is panicing then there is something wrong with it, that 
> something may be due to RH modifications or it might be something in 
> vanilla samba (easily tested by compiling from clean source).
> At the end of the day, something is broken and while replacing 
> everything might work around the problem, it doesn't solve it.
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