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Sun Dec 28 17:03:47 GMT 2008

I've found the NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION errors disappear if I 
change from
log level = 2
log level =1

Is this deliberate? It seems strange to me that an error message should 
be relegated to log level 2.

Philip Pawley

samba at enduringresults.com wrote:
> Apologies, my Samba version is 3.2.5 (I was looking at an old Samba 
> share created with my previous Samba installation).
> Also, I didn't mention that I'm using Samba as Domain PDC in a network 
> with two Windows workstations:
> - Windows XP64
> - Windows 2000
> I get these errors when using Firefox on either workstation.
> Thanks,
> Philip Pawley
> samba at enduringresults.com wrote:
>> Two questions:-
>> 1. What is the meaning of the following from my Samba logs?
>> 2. What can I do to correct whatever is the problem?
>> ---------------------------------
>> [2008/12/27 15:54:13,  2] smbd/open.c:open_directory(2157)
>>  open_directory: unable to create firefox/Profiles/askiowsk.newsmb. 
>> ---------------------------------
>> I'm running Samba 3.0.33: the default and fully updated version on 
>> Fedora 10.
>> As far as I can tell everything is working just fine. I am however 
>> getting very frequent error messages like the above while running 
>> Firefox (both 3.0.5  and 2.0.18) using a profile in a Samba share.
>> I don't think it can be the profile that's the problem because 
>> firefox/Profiles/askiowsk.newsmb is a new profile. I made just now to 
>> test these error messages.
>> Many thanks,
>> Philip Pawley

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