[Samba] samba server in two lans

Vlastimil Šetka setka at spsostrov.cz
Wed Dec 24 12:56:23 GMT 2008

Mohammad Reza Hosseini napsal(a):
> hello
> we have a samba server on centos 5.2 and 2 different lans. so we gave the
> server to ips eth0: and eth1:
> but after this when we tried to join clients (windows xp) to the domain the
> error: "the specified domain either does not exist or could not be
> contacted." what is the solution?
I had the same problem with Samba 3.0.24 - Debian Etch package. On PDC 
server with 5 interfaces (VLAN) when I tried to join clients to domain, 
sometimes I got several strange errors. Sometimes that errors came on at 

 From tcpdump output I found a problem that Samba server sometimes send 
browse-reply UDP packets with source IP address of other interface than 
the outgoing interface. So the client can't locate PDC address.

This solution perfectly works for me:

smb.conf - global section:
   interfaces = lo
   socket address =
where the is address of one local interface. Be ware that 
now Samba can be reached only on this 1 address.

On the clients is required to set the LMHOSTS file, so client knows 
selected IP of PDC. I'm using this batch:
   REM keep length = 16 chars including the \0x1b
   echo "DOMNAME        \0x1b" #PRE >> 
   REM reload config
   nbtstat -R

Maybe this issue is solved in some newer Samba version.

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