[Samba] Solved with samba-3.2.6: Resources hog, etc

FC Mario Patty fcmario76 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 02:59:36 GMT 2008

Hi people,

After upgraded samba from 3.0.32 to 3.2.6 in Dec 11, we've never had the
"server hang" problem again - thank to samba team. As with the win98/Me
users I added "lanman auth = yes" into smb.conf and mapped samba share in
windows. There is a "little" problem, though. The mapped directory dissapear
randomly. But if we refresh it, it will show up again. To handle this, I add
"streams_xattr" value in smb.conf:

vfs objects = full_audit streams_xattr

I'm monitoring it now and I will let you know the result. Many thanks for
every effort you've done.

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