[Samba] Re: Authentication fails - 3.0.26a-0.9-1787-SUSE-SLES9

bdehn at oreillyauto.com bdehn at oreillyauto.com
Tue Dec 23 19:10:43 GMT 2008

> I recently brought up our fifth Samba domain member server with 
> 3.0.26a-0.9-1787-SUSE-SLES9 against an NT4 domain on a new subnet. The 
> subnet also has an NT4 BDC that is working correctly. Wbinfo and getent 
> both work properly but users can not get to the [homes] service but can 
> get to another share that is on the same system. If I setup a share 
> definition in smb.conf for myself as a home share it fails with the same 

> error. All of our other Samba servers are working correctly. When a 
> connection is attempted they get the following:
> '/data2/home/OREILLY2/bdehn' does not exist or permission denied when 
> connecting to [bdehn] Error was Permission denied.
> I turned up the log level (5) and see that winbind show's me 
> authenticating correctly but still the Permission denied message. If I 
> stop and restart windbind I see the following in log.winbind:
> rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:cli_pipe_validate_current_pdu(625)
>  cli_pipe_validate_current_pdu: RPC fault code DCERPC_FAULT_OP_RNG_ERROR 

> received from remote machine OREILLYTS6 pipe \lsarpc fnum 0x801!
> rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:cli_pipe_validate_current_pdu(601)
>   cli_pipe_validate_current_pdu: Bind NACK received from remote machine 
> OREILLYTS6 pipe \samr fnum 0x802!
> rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:cli_rpc_pipe_open_ntlmssp_internal(2362)
>   cli_rpc_pipe_open_ntlmssp_internal: cli_rpc_pipe_bind failed with 
> I have re-joined the domain several times and deleted all tdb's. 
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> Bob Dehn

More info...

The [homes] section path had been defined as path = /data2/home/%D/%U/ 
which is identical to our other member servers. I changed the path 
statement to path = /data2/home/%U/ and moved the directories and it works 
fine. What could I have mis-configured that would cause the '%D' to not 
pickup the domain name? As I mentioned previously wbinfo and getent work 

Thanks in advance for any help!

Bob Dehn

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