[Samba] sgid bit set on ordinary files mounted via smbfs

Ed Avis eda at waniasset.com
Mon Dec 22 13:06:33 GMT 2008

Hi, I find that files (not directories) in an smbfs-mounted share always
have the sgid bit set.  I've looked in the FAQ and HOWTO but didn't see
anything.  I wonder if someone might suggest a way to fix it.

The share is served from Windows 2003 SP2 and mounted on a Fedora 10 Linux
machine (samba-client-3.2.5-0.23.fc10.i386) with this command line:

mount //wcl-fp1/shared /mnt/shared -t cifs -o user=x -o password=y

It works and from the Linux side files appear to be owned by user root and
group root.  Directories appear from Linux to have permissions drwxrwxrwx+,
which is okay for this setup, but plain files have -rwxrwSrwx+ with an
unwanted sgid bit.

I have tried mounting with -o nosuid -o nosgid, but that does not make a

What should I do to stop the suid or sgid bits appearing to be set on plain
files?  I would prefer to keep the Windows side unchanged and alter some
configuration on the client.


Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com>

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