[Samba] Listing shared printers

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Dec 22 12:52:48 GMT 2008

This well be hard to find.

I think best way is to download samba and compile it on your AIX 
to my knowlidge there is no such tool or other code to display 
windows shares on AIX besides smbclient, and please someone correct 
me if im wrong. 
so my guest is the first email i send you, thats one which will work 
if you compile samba. 
thats not that hard.. 

ow and share.vbs IS in the resouce kit at downloads.microsoft.com 

good luck again. 
and.. searching for such a tool wil cost more time then compiling
( i did spent about 10 Min now on searching, which is very long for me ) ;-)


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>Tom Van Deun
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>Onderwerp: [Samba] Listing shared printers
>I need to be even more clear it seems.
>I can only do the Unix (AIX) side. I have no resource kit 
>available and a
>quick look on the net doesn't seem to render any downloadable share.vbs
>scripts. Besides (if well documented and well written) giving 
>me info on the
>flow of code on how to list shared printers on remote windows hosts a
>Windows script won't do me much good.
>Preferrebly something in C, C++ or any shell script language 
>would do. I've
>been looking around but it's not to be found. Not quickly 
>anyway, I've only
>started on this last Friday.
>So, to summerize, I need an app/script/library or plain advice on:
>- something like "smbclient -L <host>" but not smbclient itself
>- for Unix / Linux (I'll port it need be)
>- command line of course
>- that lists shared printers on Windows systems
>- preferably in greppable output format
>Kind regards,
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