[Samba] Printer listing

Tom Van Deun tomvdeun at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 11:51:39 GMT 2008

Hi all

I'm very new to mailing lists so please forgive me any mistakes.

I am looking for a program or library that I can use on Unix to list
printers on Windows machines. I can program and I understand a fair bit of
C. But when I started taking apart the smbclient to get the "smbclient -L
<host>" functionality out of it it looked like a lot of work. A whole lot of

So I'm hoping to avoid that. Also because I've been reading up on netbios,
nbt, smb and cifs and it seems to be a real mess.

Is there a tool / program / library out there that can give me the same
functionality of "smbclient -L <host>" ? I really only need to list the
shares, nothing more.

Kind regards,


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